What lies around the corner?

What's over that farthest ridge?

What will our next adventure be?

Our Story

Wild South is an adventure, and it’s this spirit that led us to the Waihopai Valley, beside the Omaka River, to a wild piece of land strewn with rocks from end to end; Hell’s Gate. But hidden under that prickly name and all those rocks was the perfect wine-growing land. Rock by rock, we hand-cleared it and set about establishing Wild South wines, and this Marlborough vineyard was to be at the heart of it all.


A few years later we discovered another Wild South vineyard, Hammond Estate, and we're also lucky to partner with some of Marlborough’s finest growers who produce quality parcels of select fruit for our Wild South wines.


Our Wines

Wild South Range

Each of our wines is a special journey of its own, reflecting the vineyards it has come from and the winemaker’s unique interpretations. Discover the special character of each.

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